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 What is container desiccant?

What is container desiccant?

When food or anything that has to be stored for a long time in the container, there are lots of possibilities to have moisture in the space leading to destroying the things in the container. The people can’t open and maintain it as it is in huge quantities. So, one moisture absorbing element has to be employed in the container. Such an element is desiccant bags.

It is appreciated as the most effective and safe way to keep various types of product away from all the types of damages that may arise from humidity and moisture attacks. The risk of damage will increase when the products or goods are exported to another location through the sea expedition. If you are using the container with the desiccant bags will be filled with clay and it helps give 100% protection during the entire process of shipment or long journey. Clay is an absorbent that is activated by CaCl2 or Calcium Chloride. It further offers an excellent moisture absorbing performance.

The clay desiccants are specially designed and formulated for giving a highly effective outcome by absorption of shipping the containers or in any larger storage space to preserve the materials. These desiccant bags or pockets are used for the containers, and it is available in a variety of size and packing materials. You have to get the right container desiccant to protect the cargo from moisture or any other damages related to moisture.

There are lots of container desiccant suppliers in India, and you should be able to choose the most suitable one. Look for the facilities they offer, the cost they quote and any other aspects for making it the best choice for having the desiccant materials.

Benefits of desiccant bags

Why should you opt for desiccants?

  • It is a cost-effective way to protect the cargo from getting moisture during storage or transportation.
  • It comes with the anti-leakage options.
  • It is completely safe and easy to handle
  • Transporting goods without such bags is a huge threat to the things in the container.
  • You can use them in various sizes.

To enjoy all such benefits of the bags, ensure that you are looking for the right container desiccant manufacturer. There are lots of such manufacturers in India, but make note that you are choosing the right one.

Storage and handling of the product

  • The desiccant is highly hygroscopic, and it will activate even with the free moisture. For this reason, the descant will be packed and shipped with the airtight container. To ensure the best possible desiccant performance, here are some simple rules you have to follow to make effective use of it.
  • Do not forget to check desiccant packaging on delivery. In the event of any packaging materials, the desiccant is one of the common exposed one to the atmosphere. It means that the product is already open and avoids buying it from the container desiccant manufacturer
  • Open the protective plastic bags only when you are ready to use them. After finishing using it, if there is any leftover in the open, ensure you are closing it tightly. So, you can prevent it from absorbing the free moisture. Else, you can pack it in the same container and make it unopened.
  • If you are leaving the protective plastic bag open for a long time, it may gain at the weight. You have to weigh it, and if the weight is 15% more than before, it is better to avoid using it further.
  • When it comes to storage, ensure you are storing it in the cool and dry place.
  • The product is originally unopened and has a shelf life of at least one year if you are storing it in the dry place.
The bottom line

There are lots of ways to protect your cargo by preventing the moisture damage but one of the effective ways is the usage of desiccant.  There are various forms of availability of desiccants and everything is specially designed for specific purposes. Make use of it to have safe and beneficial container shipping

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