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 What are desiccant bags used for?

What are desiccant bags used for?

Desiccant Bags

Have you purchased any shoes recently? If so, you would have found a small sachet of silica gel in it? Or have you ever found the desiccant bags in something that you have purchased recently and wondered what it is? Many people take some time to know what the desiccant bags are and when they don’t know what they have to do with it, the next moment they will throw it in the bin.  Some people might be tempted to throw it in the bin as soon as they get their products. But actually these desiccant bags have some pretty amazing uses that most people don’t know.

Read on more to know what the great uses of desiccant bags are.

Pretty astonishing uses of silica gel

The silica gel packets, those little desiccant bags that absorb moisture in shoe boxes, vitamin bottles and bags of jerky and then tossed straight into the trash can is the drying agent. Each sachet will have the small beads inside and can absorb the moisture and condensation from its surroundings.

You might be wondering how they are made and what their purposes to the manufactures are. The desiccant pouches manufacturer will make the silica gel sachets that can be found in anything from packets of pepperoni to all the medications. They are used for such products as these products will be there in the warehouses and are stored for quite some time.

Save your phone

Are you the one who dropped the phone in water? Don’t worry; use the desiccant bags to save its life. You can just place the phone in a plastic bag along with a few packets of silica gel and let it sit for two days. Doing this can get your phone back and is more effective than the other methods.

Prevent tools from rusting

To keep your hammers and screwdrivers tip-top in shape, keep some silica gel packets in your toolbox. It can soak up the excess moisture that can lead to rust and corrosion. This is not only for the hammers and screwdrivers; you can even place the silica gels packets inside the boxes of tiny nails or screws. 

Keep pet food from going stale

Have pets in your home? Then having a few sachets of silica gel will help you. If your pets started turning their noses up at their kibble, it may be because of the food that would have gone rancid after contact with the moisture. You can take a few silica gel sachets and tap it to the airtight glass or plastic container. Doing so, you can keep your pet food fresh. The same thing works to prevent cereal or other dry snacks from going stale. You can easily get the silica gel as there are many desiccant packets manufacturers in India.

Freshen up old books

If you have the habit of collecting books, after some days the paper probably will smell old and musty. To fix this issue you can get the silica gel and put the book in a plastic bag along with the silica gel packets and let it sit for a day or more. The moisture and the funky smell will disappear and give your books a good life.


In addition to the food and the medicines, even the clothing made from the animal skin can take advantage of the silica gel packets. You would have already seen them in the boxes of the leather shoes or the pockets of the leather jackets. They are placed in them as they can absorb moisture. For a variety of materials collecting moisture is very important and this is what it makes the desiccant bags a vital addition. Choose the best desiccant pouches manufacturer who properly packs then desiccant bags.

Protect photographs

When you get around to put all the precious family photos into the albums and frames, make sure you even add a few silica gel packets to the storage box. They will take off the humidity and will also ward off the damage and odour caused by the moisture.

With the help of desiccant bags, other companies and manufacturers get the opportunity to extend the life of everything from foods to clothing and medicines. Make sure there is a good packaging as the close contact desiccant bags share with the wearable and sometimes with the edible items.

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