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 How to Prevent Moisture Damage and Protect Your Cargo?

How to Prevent Moisture Damage and Protect Your Cargo?

It is crucial to protect yourself from loss along the way as the dangers of international trade are different and hard to predict. With these suggestions to prevent moisture damage, you should be prepared to handle any situation. 

Due to moisture-related damage, about 10% of all the container shipments should be discarded. When you realize the monetary amount it equals in cargo loss then this percentage becomes more significant. 

You can even compare and estimate these values according to the value of your goods. So it is really important to prevent moisture damage, here where you need the help of the container desiccant manufacturer

The cause of moisture inside the containers

Moisture inside the closed shipping container is first of all due to the process of condensation. Finally this condensation results in the container rain. When the air inside the container cannot hold the moisture content then this condensation is formed and gets released onto the cargo inside. If your container is wet, you can approach the desiccant dryer suppliers to reduce further complications. 

Ventilation of the shipping container

Addition of a small weather-protected vent to your container in the ship is able to reduce the amount of condensation within the container by involving in the removal process of excess moisture. You can also remove moisture by using desiccant bags for the things on the container. 

But it is found that more than the vents on the sides, the vents placed on the doors of the container are very effective. This is because, on the ship, the containers are typically packed from side to side. This is to ensure that the airflow would not be constricted in transit. 


To remove the moisture from the air, a dehumidifier works within the container. To prevent recirculation, the water extracted by the humidifier should be dumped through the pipework to the outside of the container. 

Some types of these devices contain on and off switches which reacts to the amount of the moisture present in the air. And it also saves a lot of energy through this process. India is a place where you are able to find lots of cargo trading. If you are trading in or around India then you can get benefitted from desiccant manufacturers in India

Moisture absorbing poles

These poles are non-mechanical devices which fit well within the corrugated wall that is located on the sides of the shipping container. These poles contain salt which absorbs the moisture content in the air and dumps it into a gel, a form that creates a tank of the pole. 

Depending on the levels of humidity within the container, typically each pole lasts for a few months. The process of moist removal is undertaken by the container desiccant manufacturer to protect the shipping materials. 


It is a non-condensation coating that is applied to the ceiling and six sides inside the container. This particular coating acts as insulation and it also retains some amount of moisture within its structure. 

Use desiccants

If you are transporting dry products, then you have to hang moisture desiccant bags in your container to protect the content. It is extremely effective in the absorption of ambient moisture. It is tremendously one of the effective ways to tackle air cargo rust prevention. It is always better to keep your storage container in a definite shape.  

Container lining

This process is the same as the installation of desiccant bags. But in this process, a thermal lining is included inside the container. This would help to reduce the amount of condensation and also prevent the damages caused by moisture. 

To reduce the extreme changes undergone through the supply chain, these linings regulate the temperature within the container. Linings cannot remove the risk entirely as the condensation is an airborne problematic factor. 

Bottom line

There are lots of ways to protect your cargo by preventing the moisture damage but one of the effective ways is the usage of desiccant. 

There are various forms of availability of desiccants and everything is specially designed for specific purposes. Make use of it to have safe and beneficial container shipping. 

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