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 How do you keep moisture out of storage containers?

How do you keep moisture out of storage containers?

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The storage containers are used for storing a wide array of items like food, clothes and even the other important items. This is a good way to store the things as it can prevent the items from being exposed to mildew and moisture.

Each year countless tons of cargos and other items are stored and are transported to various places across the globe in a variety of the shipping containers. With so many goods and making their way each year, the shipping companies are tasked with transporting the goods, ensuring that it gets to its final destination without any damages.

The companies face large problems in their transportation – the major one is the shipping container condensation. The moisture damage can cause a huge loss and this can have a deviating effect on your business. This is why most of the companies will have the desiccant bags in the shipping containers. 

Learning to know how to stop the condensation in the shipping containers can help you reduce the damages of the goods and improves your business.

What is the shipping container condensation?

Shipping container condensation is something that occurs when the walls of the container become cooler. It will be more than that of the dew point of the air commonly found inside the container. 

The shipping condensation comes with the other name called container rain, this can damage the goods through,

  • Packaging deterioration
  • Mould and mildew
  • Corrosion
  • Warping
  • Caking of powder found in goods

How to stop and keep the moisture out of the shipping container?

It is impossible to completely prevent moisture buildup, but still, there are some ways to control the condensation like the desiccants bags in the storage containers and these are listed below.

Use the right pallets

With the pallets, there are so many varieties like wood, plastic and so on. Using the pallets to store the goods are common, but it is very essential to consider the moisture found in the wooden varieties. This is because it can contribute moisture to the air and worsen shipping container condensation. Instead of these, you can use the plastic pallets that can help in reducing the shipping condensation.

Use the desiccants

Desiccants are products that can absorb excess water from the air. This can effectively reduce the dew point inside the container. Shipping companies often get the desiccants from the desiccant manufacturers and place this inside the shipping containers as this can reduce moisture that results from product temperature fluctuations.

The desiccant manufactures provide desiccants in a variety of forms. Depending on your goods and the other needs you can choose the type of the desiccants. Some of the major desiccant types are mentioned below.

Desiccant bags

The desiccant bags are used to absorb the humidity in a storage container. This can be hung from the ceiling and along the walls. These can help in reducing the moisture in the air. The desiccant product manufacturer says that the desiccant can trap the moisture and it can reduce the dew point temperature thus preventing condensation from forming on the walls of the container.

Desiccant gels

This type of desiccant will also control moisture, condensation damages and the container dampness. This prevents the rain and water dampness in sea transport. This desiccant gel’s absorption is more than 400% and it is non-toxic and eco friendly.

You can get the high-quality desiccant gels from the best desiccant packets manufacturer in India. They will also guide you about how to use this product.

If you are wondering how to keep out the moisture from the shipping containers, the desiccant is an important part of the puzzle.

Improve ventilation

Proper ventilation can reduce condensation. There are plenty of ways to install the ventilation in the storage containers, but proper ventilation is not always the answer.

Therefore these are a few things that can keep moisture out of the storage containers. Using desiccants can only provide you with the best results. Make sure you choose the best desiccant manufacturer in India.

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