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How do you keep moisture content out of a shipping container?

As globalization and open market system hit the world due to rapid development and industrialization, exports and imports have become the bases of trading commodities and the modes of transport varies according to the distance and the weight. Usual transportation is huge in weight and long in distance. Shipping containers are the primary mode of transport of goods. Most of the goods get affected in the due process of transportation due to varying temperature, humidity and moisture content and this spoils perishable goods and incurs a loss of huge sums. How can we avoid such a loss? How can we maintain the temperature and moisture content of the cargo?

Desiccants are the heal to it. Desiccants are products that absorb excess water from the air and effectively regulates the moisture content inside the container. This Desiccant comes in various forms and formats like Desiccant bags, pouches, packets, etc. 

Next heal is using Dehumidifiers. These are best suited for storage containers which has a power supply and when connected these Dehumidifiers suck the moisture inside the container.

Other than this certain conventional methods like proper insulation and ventilation in the containers could help in regulating moisture. But the problem is these might bring other problems of decay for perishables and eatables. Desiccants are the true and best soldier for such shipping containers.

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