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 High-temperature desiccants in India

High-temperature desiccants in India

Best Desiccants in India

When it comes to the desiccants, choosing the right type of desiccant is very important. Yes! There are various high-temperature desiccants in India and it is very crucial to choose the right desiccant bags for your products shelf life.

A primary concern when developing and packing any products is the active packaging, especially with the desiccants that you use. An essential part of the packaging is the desiccants as they can prevent degradation through moisture, thus extending the lifetime of the product.

You may use any desiccants but with some, you may not see the best results. The wrong type and quality of desiccant bags can result in damage and can even spoil the full product. So it is very essential to see and choose your desiccant carefully. Don’t always prefer to choose the cheapest or the most convenient option because they may not be the most valuable solution for all the products.

Use a desiccant that fit for purpose

Most of the desiccant manufacturers say that the desiccants will be effective only when they are used in the closed moisture barrier package or a sealed container. This is needed to be in a controlled environment that will allow for the optimal adsorption of the trapped vapours inside. This moisture control product cannot guarantee the desired results if the additional moisture from outside gets inside the packaging.

The moisture adsorption properties of desiccants differ when it comes to how they perform. When comparing the molecular sieve and silica gel, the molecular sieve has an excellent adsorptive capacity at the low humidity levels while the silica gel tends to perform poorly in low humidity. However, these both have similar moisture retention capacities at the room temperature. 

From this, it is understood that each property can differ from one desiccant to the other. So, be sure you choose the one that fits your purpose. You can better consult your desiccant manufacturers to know which the best one for your products is.

Which one to use?

The small desiccant packs that you see in the shoeboxes and food containers are used to absorb humidity. Still, many types of desiccants are produced by the desiccant manufacturers and it comes with many properties and diversified uses. Given below are the few most important ones that you have to know

  • Silica gel

 Silica gel is the most known as well as the most used type of desiccant. You can get the good quality silica gel from the best desiccant silica gel manufacturers in India. It is anaturally occurring mineral that is purified and is processed into granular form. The average pore size of silica gel is 24 angstroms and it has a strong affinity for the moisture molecules. This is capable of absorbing moisture at temperatures up to 220 degrees Fahrenheit. The rates of the moisture absorption will slow down as the temperature goes above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. 

This particular desiccant has a wide range of pore size with which it can absorb not only the water but also the alcohol, aromatics, ammonia, olefins, di-olefins and paraffin.

  • Indicating silica gel

This is also a silica gel bead or granule that has been washed with the heavy metal salt and cobalt chloride. This has a deep blue colour and turns to purple as it comes saturated with moisture. This silica gel should not be used in contact with the products for consumption because of the addition of cobalt chloride.

  • Activated carbon

The activated charcoal or activated carbon is different from that of the normal charcoal. It undergoes an activation process and is also free of poisonous fossil fuels. It has a high surface area and this increases its superior absorbing ability.

  • Molecular sieve

The porous synthetic desiccant that has very strong affinity moisture molecules is the molecular sieves. Compared to the other desiccants this is a little different and has the pore size openings in the crystal lattice structure. All the desiccant packets manufacturer in India will have this. It is synthetic rather than naturally occurring.

Therefore these are some of the desiccants that are available in India and are used for various purposes. Make sure your cult with the desiccants manufactures about which desiccants will suit your products, use the one that can absorb more moisture and prevents your products from damage.

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