Desiccant is a mixture of eco–friendly compounds that regulate the moisture content and prevents erosion contamination. It increases the longevity of and reduces the burden of environmental errors
The Universe Desiccant goods have produced the Desiccants using the silica gel substance which is from sodium silicate.
The pharmaceutical packaging mostly prefers desiccants to reduce the moisture in the medicines and keeps for secured for a longer time.
The container is specially designed and manufactured in 1 kg and that work in the temperature range from -20 to 85c with the capacity of 350 % odd odor absorption with excess moisture and prevents spoiling all types of goods.
The desiccant packs prevent the moisture and manage them in a dry state. It can control the growth of fungus inside the product. And ensures that there is no more spoiled product because of moisture
Yes, The desiccant packs are reusable one uses the desiccant multiple without the fear of Reduction in their moisture absorption Quality but one needs to make sure about getting a good desiccant
We are serving container Desiccant, Desiccant Gel, Desiccant Bags.

Desiccants provide a perfect dryness and perfect storage for corresponding products

Yes, the desiccants are reusable and they can be disposed of easily. It belongs to the idea of the customer

Put that in the garbage bag but need to check whether there is any leakage in the pack. in case of break-in that cover them properly and dispose.