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 Desiccant bags for shipping containers

Desiccant bags for shipping containers

Container Desiccant Manufacturer

A huge difference can be made with proper packaging. One of the essential things that are required while the packaging is the desiccant bags. They play a major role in extending the longevity of the packaged together material. So it is very important to understand the appropriate usage of these bags.

 In varying industries, the desiccant bags play an important role. Starting from food, clothing to the automotive industries, all the manufactures use these bags. The usages of the desiccant bags are more and thus it helps the desiccant manufactures to survive in this market.

Collecting moisture

Absorbing moisture in small areas is the primary purpose of the desiccant bags. Due to this, the packages are often placed with other things like food, clothes, shoes and more. The desiccant pouches manufacturer creates these desiccant packets with a tendency to prevent the development of moisture and from the mould. As they are kept very close to the other products like food and more, the desiccant bags utilize a high grade of packaging and thus it prevents the internal material from coming in contact with the food.

Protect shipping container contents with the desiccant bags

Are your products suffering from excessive moisture in your storage and shipping containers? Then it is good to contact the best desiccant manufactures as they will provide you with the appropriate container desiccant solutions.

How do the container desiccants work?

Container desiccants are something that can absorb the moisture within a container during the shipping to prevent condensation that is commonly formed on the walls of the container. They are especially made with calcium chloride and dimethyl fumarate free-Non –toxic.

The desiccant pouches manufacturer often hears from the companies that are concerned about the container integrity while the products are in transport. Not every shipping container will suffer the moisture damage, but when damage occurs then it often results in the substantial losses.

When the ships travel through different climate zones the containers are exposed to changes in temperature. In such situations, the container rain happens usually on the container ceiling or the walls and this will drip down onto the products, causing damage. For such problems, it is very important to get help from the container desiccant manufacturer.

Hiring container desiccant manufacturers

The container desiccant manufacturers can offer the best container desiccants. These are specially formulated products that come in strips made up of the desiccant bags. These bags are easy for installation and they come with the hard outer sleeve to protect the strips.

In the shipping containers, the desiccants are hung on each side and can absorb moisture to three times their weight and can also remove twice as much moisture as competing products.

Depending on what products are there in the shipping containers, the desiccant needed overall is decided. During transportation, the strips will absorb the moisture in the air inside the container. This can reduce the dew point to below the surface temperature to prevent condensation that is being formed on the walls of the container.

Desiccants performance

You can test this first with 1-kg of container desiccant. First, you will have to leave them in open after taking down its weight. Make sure you continue to weigh the desiccant bags every day ate about the same time. Also, record its weight till there is no more change in the weight for the three consecutive days.

Within a few days, the weight gain percentage will rise rapidly and will start to reach more after many days. The weight increases because the desiccant bags absorb moisture from the surrounding air.

Two terms are very important when it comes to the measurement that is the adsorption rate and adsorption capacity. These can change with the relative humidity and the ambient temperature.


  • Safe for direct use with food products
  • Dimethyl fumarate Free –Non-Toxic
  • Safe and easy to handle
  • Dispose of with normal industrial waste
  • Best performance in the market
  • Cost-effective

Therefore these are something very important for everyone to know about the container desiccant that is used in the shipping containerscontainer desiccant manufacturer

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